Resources: Social Capital

Collective Impact By John Kania & Mark Kramer
Report from the Organizational Network Study Group
by Baji Rankin, Wendy Wintermute, Curt Mearns, Nancy Carrillo
Pajek: Program for Analysis and Visualization of Large Networks by Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar
Social Network Analysis: Theory and Applications
Graphics on Trust
Bob Grassberger's Talking Points for NM Eval's Social Capital Program
A Primer on Organizational Trust
Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks (TED Talk)

Suggested Reading

Cohen and Prusak. In Good Company (2001)
Reid Hoffman. The Startup of You. 
Rob Cross. Lots of books and lots of very readable articles about the mechanics of networks. Many articles on the internet. 
Malcolm Gladwell. The Tipping Point 
Everett Rogers. The Diffusion of Innovations. 
Hwang and Horowitt. The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley (2012)

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